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Message from our CEO

We founded High End Hiring for one reason: to help leaders build the teams they need to grow their companies. Coming from a business consulting background, and helping hundreds of business establish and achieve growth, it became very clear that the most important thing I can do for my clients is to help them build their teams with the kind of people who share their vision and passion. There was a void in the market for a recruitment firm that could deliver on the promise of being able to conduct effective screenings and evaluations to really find the right fit. Most recruitment companies that I had dealt with promised that they do a comprehensive search to find the right fit but in actuality standard recruiting—with its contingent searches and revolving-door mercenaries—is a little shady, and very inefficient. But that’s exactly what the entrepreneur in me finds so intriguing. Read more about us.

We Act Like Your Very Own HR Department

Every job and company is unique, and we search out and find the best candidates for your position. Other companies send individuals from a stale pool of individuals, we treat each job as a unique challenge. Just like you do.  

Thorough Soft Skills Testing

Our soft skills testing methodology ensures that the individuals we send to you, have the necessary criteria to make them a perfect fit with the other employees and your clientele.  

A Proprietary Screening Process

We have developed one of the industry’s most in-depth screening processes in order to ensure every job candidate has the highest chance of meeting your requirements.  

Understanding Your Needs

No other agency takes the time to understand your company, the profile of the position you want to fill and the nuances of what it takes to build or add to your ideal team.    

We only recommend candidates with similar goals

The best candidates for your job are those with similar goals as yours.  We find those individuals who support what you are doing as they are the ones you need to hire.

85% Employee placement retention rate

Our study show that our placed employees have an 85% job retention rate after one year.  Compared to the overall market rate of 50% – 65% retention by other Hiring Agencies.
Deutsche Bank –
First Data
Wells Fargo Commercial Financing Services
Panoramic Power
  • They took the time to fully understand what I envisioned as my ideal team

    I reopened my practice a little over a year ago and really started from scratch. I put a lot of work and money into promoting the practice, but was always a little worried about “growing too fast” since I didn’t have the staff to back me up. That is when I decided to work with High End Hiring. I found that they had a unique approach to recruitment and did not see it as a “numbers game”. They took the time to fully understand what I envisioned as my ideal team and then did their search based on that vision. As of now I have used HEH 3 times to hire my admin and Associate staff and could not be happier with the results. My practice is booming as a result of the amazing team they helped me put in place. I would recommend HEH to any business owner who wants build their team.
    J. Cohen
    Owner, Private Practice

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